Welcome to Dragoncat's Lair!
There exists a feline species that is the size of a typical pet cat, yet it is far more amazing, and even magical. You are interested in these creatures known as dragoncats, so you have traveled far and wide, searching for any sign of them.

You are hot on the trail of one now, you just know that the flying creature you saw had a feline appearance. Bright red and sleek, it had swooped down right in front of you and flew off with a field mouse in its jaws. Eventually you come to a clearing, and see a magnificent sight. Cats with leathery dragon wings and shiny fur the color of various gemstones are rolling in the grass, sharpening their claws on trees, and going about their lives not seeming to care that you've found them.

You feel a brush on your leg and hear a meow. You look down and see a red furred dragoncat weaving through your legs. It has a lean build, so you assume it must be a female. You are certain she is the one you've been following. She looks up, and you see a gleam of intelligence in her brown eyes.

With a soft mew, she starts to walk down the middle of the clearing, looking like she wants you to follow... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a site that focuses on the creative side of gaming, but only a few franchises are covered...poke around here, see if you like it, and if you do, leave reviews/comments! I might eventually include some completely original content.

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